Ep. 443: Ben Larson, Nanogen

Ben Larson joins us and shares the importance of creating white space in your everyday environment: “What I like to think of white space is this: doing my best to clear out all the thoughts in my head. As an entrepreneur with so much stuff going on, especially in the cannabis industry where you have […]

Ep. 442: Jon Najarian

Jon Najarian joins us and shares insight into market volatility related to the Cannabis industry: “Whenever we see something, whether it’s Cannabis related, whether it’s a drug going through FDA approval, whether it’s Aids, cancer, Alzheimer’s, whatever it might be, there’s a lot of speculative paper around that. With Cannabis, it’s just the Wild West. […]

HB 1090

After over two years of a whole lot of time and effort from the industry, House Bill 1090 has passed. Nicknamed the PubCo Bill, it was signed into law by Governor Polis on May 29, 2019. The previous law allowed licenses to Colorado residents and out-of-state business owners with 15 employees or fewer. The bill […]

Ep. 441: Emily Paxhia, Poseidon

Emily Paxhia joins us and parallels her sailing experience and its applications to the Cannabis law environment: “Just like in sailing, overcorrecting, is also, bad. It’s not about overcorrecting and overreacting, it’s about fine calibrations of what you’re doing and it’s about using the information you have to do that.”

Ep. 440: Kris Krane, 4Front Ventures

Kris Krane joins us and shares how global shifts in perspective are helping to change Cannabis laws in the US: “Where the dynamic has shifted is that in the past, the United States as a government, the United States as an entity, has been very successful in persuading the rest of the world to go […]

EP. 439: Saul Kaye, iCan

Saul Kaye joins us and shares how perceptions of Cannabis have changed and it’s implications on various markets: “We’re talking about cannabis revolution. At the same time we’re feeling the anti-farmer revolution. This I need one molecule to treat one disease, which 10 years ago that disease probably didn’t exist. We made them up because […]


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