Ep. 448: Charlie Bachtell, Cresco Labs

Charlie Bachtell joins us and shares how Cresco Labs and other medical cannabis providers have to adapt to pass regulation audits: “The objectives of the state are to make sure that you are tracking everything from seed to sale, that you are putting out as consistent and safe of a product as you, possibly, can, […]

Ep. 444: Karan Wadhera, Casa Verde

Karan Wadhera joins us and shares how companies use branding and how it relates to the infrastructure of creating a product that sells:”I think we’ve always been very fascinated with brands. And if you see how traditional industries have shaped over time, and where a lot of the value ends up being held… And it […]

Ep. 443: Ben Larson, Nanogen

Ben Larson joins us and shares the importance of creating white space in your everyday environment: “What I like to think of white space is this: doing my best to clear out all the thoughts in my head. As an entrepreneur with so much stuff going on, especially in the cannabis industry where you have […]

Ep. 441: Emily Paxhia, Poseidon

Emily Paxhia joins us and parallels her sailing experience and its applications to the Cannabis law environment: “Just like in sailing, overcorrecting, is also, bad. It’s not about overcorrecting and overreacting, it’s about fine calibrations of what you’re doing and it’s about using the information you have to do that.”

Ep. 440: Kris Krane, 4Front Ventures

Kris Krane joins us and shares how global shifts in perspective are helping to change Cannabis laws in the US: “Where the dynamic has shifted is that in the past, the United States as a government, the United States as an entity, has been very successful in persuading the rest of the world to go […]

EP. 439: Saul Kaye, iCan

Saul Kaye joins us and shares how perceptions of Cannabis have changed and it’s implications on various markets: “We’re talking about cannabis revolution. At the same time we’re feeling the anti-farmer revolution. This I need one molecule to treat one disease, which 10 years ago that disease probably didn’t exist. We made them up because […]

Ep. 435: Bridget Conry, Champlain Valley Dispensary

At root, Bridget Conry is an herbalist with a steadfast faith in the power of plants. Besides believing that everyone should be able to grow their own medicine, Conry also discusses the importance and efficacy of educating people about cannabis in a patient and professional manner. She also notes that communities will likely gain more […]

Ep. 434: Tahira Rehmatullah, Hypur Ventures

Tahira Rehmatullah is in impressive leadership positions at not one, not two, but three major cannabis companies – it is no surprise that she has plenty of nuanced insights about the business side of the industry. For example, she notes that larger companies have been strategically diversifying their revenue streams in order to stay afloat […]

EP. 430: Boris Blatnik, KannaSwiss

Boris Blatnik joins us and shares just how a participants must be in the Cannabis industry: “With business in general, you have be adaptive, but in this space that’s moving so lightning fast, you’ve really got to be able to pivot and change.”

Ep. 428: Haleli Sharir, Cannabis Pharmeceuticals

Most of us know that cannabis can be used for things like pain relief, but what most of us certainly don’t know is that it can also be used to kill cancer cells. Dr. Haleli Sharir discusses the use of cannabis as an alternative to chemotherapy when done in the context of personalized medicine (as […]