Ep. 449: US Congressman Denver Riggleman

Denver Riggleman joins us and shares his thoughts as to how to advance cannabis legislation by giving the states more power: “I think we need to get in front of this and I think we’re to a point now that we need to let the economy work, get the federal government out of the way, […]

Ep. 447: US Congressman Ro Khanna

Ro Khanna joins us and shares his perspective on advancing Cannabis legislature: “Make sure you’re picking one or two key bills to rally around, and then talk to legislators to get them onboard.”

Ep. 445: US Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

Eleanor Holmes Norton joins us and shares her perspective on free speech and advancing the power of the people: “People are used to people like me defending all of us on the right side. But the lesson I’m trying to teach, such as it is, is that we can’t have free speech unless they do. […]

HB 1090

After over two years of a whole lot of time and effort from the industry, House Bill 1090 has passed. Nicknamed the PubCo Bill, it was signed into law by Governor Polis on May 29, 2019. The previous law allowed licenses to Colorado residents and out-of-state business owners with 15 employees or fewer. The bill […]

2020 Predictions

Heading toward 2020, the globe has widely recognized cannabis as something worth considering in new and positive ways. Even the World Trade Organization agrees that further research on the production, uses, and benefits of cannabis deserve attention. While the United States government still largely pushes its prohibitionist policies onto the world, their influence has begun […]

Ep. 437: MCBA & Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Shanita Penny and the MCBA join us to share their plans to push for successful and legal business practices in the US cannabis market: “he rest of the year is staying close to DC, making sure that we have a seat at the table as it relates to providing input, recommendations, perspectives that they may […]


In 2016, Massachusetts passed the Marijuana Legalization Referendum. Because legalization in Massachusetts came on the heels of other…

All Boats

The path to legalizing marijuana has been a long and winding road– to turn a phrase. We moved from governmental prohibition to state-led…

Ep. 436: US Rep. Jared Huffman

U.S. Representative Jared Huffman has been in favor of legalization even before it was politically convenient; Huffman publicly supported ending cannabis prohibition during his time in the California State Assembly before being elected as a U.S. Representative. Nowadays, Huffman’s congressional district includes the Emerald Triangle – the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States. Huffman […]

The ’00s

The New MillenniumAs we made our way into the new millennium, Peter Lewis, one of the major donors with George Soros and John Sperling…