Ep. 437: MCBA & Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Shanita Penny and the MCBA join us to share their plans to push for successful and legal business practices in the US cannabis market: “he rest of the year is staying close to DC, making sure that we have a seat at the table as it relates to providing input, recommendations, perspectives that they may […]

Ep. 433: Mickey Dor, Israel Ministry of Health

Mickey Dor, Senior Medical Advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit for the Israel Ministry of Health, tells the story of regulated cannabis in Israel and notes the different types of changing winds that he has seen over the years. Although every country has a different approach to cannabis, Dor believes that the first step must […]

Ep. 421: Chairman Steve Hoffman, MA Cannabis Control Commision

Chairman Steve Hoffman joins us and shares some of the protections put in place relating to Cannabis legislature in Massachusetts: “I think that every state is unique. So you can learn, but every state is different demographically, the laws are different. Massachusetts is the only state that has this explicit requirement about ensuring that disproportionately […]

Ep. 416: US Congressman Thomas Massie

Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky explains his unique views on cannabis and hemp. His appreciation of the plant stems from the need for a tobacco-alternative cash crop in Kentucky and surrounding agricultural areas, and extends to other aspects of states rights and personal freedom. Massie doesn’t vote based on pure party loyalty, but rather goes […]

Ep. 415: US Congressman Seth Moulton

Congressman Seth Moulton shares his experience as a Marine throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s and how it connects to cannabis today. Many veterans come back from service with heavy baggage, causing them to suffer physically and mentally. While cannabis can help with these problems, its legal status keeps veterans from having a conversation about it […]

Ep. 411: Neal Levine, Cannabis Trade Federation

Neal Levine joins us for the first time with a microphone, featuring a guest appearance by Andy Williams. Levine talks about the various legislative actions happening at the moment, including a primary focus on the STATES Act. As Canada fully legalizes and Mexico plans to follow suit, these legislative actions are the key to preventing […]

Ep. 391: Betty Aldworth, SSDP

Betty Aldworth returns and shares the extent of the growing Cannabis market: “In a new state, there are going to be countless opportunities to influence. I think that if you are based in Missouri and you aren’t already having a conversation about how you get placed on a working group or a task force, how […]

Ep. 388: Bob Hoban

Bob Hoban returns and shares possible ways forward: “Now, you go forward with the excise tax. That’s an example of how the federal government might swallow this legalization notion better. Because, all of a sudden, the dollars that would disappear because the 280E exception, under tax law, prohibits companies from taking the vast majority of […]

Ep.358: CA Cannabis Control Bureau Chief, Lori Ajax

California Cannabis Bureau Chief Lori Ajax returns for an update on the industry realities post July 1. She shares that the Bureau is listening to the industry and making adjustments as they go to ensure a healthy marketplace. She notes how important it is to participate in public comment to ensure your voice is listened […]

Ep.313: Betty Aldworth, SSDP

Betty Aldworth returns and has a lot going on with the SSDP conference as well as ensuring that all the SSDPers are out there supporting ballot measures for cannabis legalization and all sensible drug policy for that matter. We discuss deschedling as potential focus for the cannabis community and while that dialogue should certainly occur, […]