Ep. 446: Paige Figi

Paige Figi joins us and shares her views on the shifting perspectives in the cannabis industry: “People are wanting that supply and complaining that there isn’t enough and trying to get it, it’s those big guys taking control and doing that. So, while we’re complaining about it, we’re also complaining about the solution. It all […]

Ep. 438: Kyle Kingsley, Vireo

Kyle Kinglsey of Vireo joins us and shares the upside to giving access to Cannabis for those who really need it: “If you give this to a population of 2000 people with PTSD, what are the outcomes? I can tell you there are a lot of people who claimed benefit with cannabis in the setting of PTSD, they should have access independent of the evidence across populations. Unless we’re doing a lot of harm, that’s a different thing. In my mind, the harm just doesn’t seem to be there.”

Chronic Pain

Cannabis’ current regulation in the United States, as well as around the world, limits the vast research needed to educate the public about its advantages.

Ep.198: Steph Sherer, ASA & Jaime Lewis, Mountain Medicine

Steph Sherer joins us to discuss the history of Americans For Safe Access. Going way back, Steph wasn’t a recreational proponent of cannabis, but came to the plant as medicine in SoCal. Following success with cannabis as medicine, Steph moved to NorCal and became an activist in the space ultimately launching americans for safe access culminating […]