Julie Berliner, CEO, Sweet Grass Kitchen | May 08, 2019
I fell backwards into the cannabis industry. I was not involved in Colorado House Bill 1284 back in 2009 when a lot of that leg work was happening. I had just graduated from college, I spent a little time in Guatemala learning to speak the language, kind of getting some stuff out of my system. When I got back, Boulder, Colorado was starting to look a bit different in that dispensaries were popping up. Dispensaries were popping up all over the place, but it was obvious to me that there was no yet any regulation. Anyone could do anything. Anyone could grow anywhere, or bake from their homes– like I did. It was sort of a free-for-all back then, like the Wild West.

Getting Involved on a Whim

My friend had opened up a shop called The Greenest Green. He now owns a company called 710 Labs, which is a concentrate company, now out of Califor...

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