Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis | Mar 10, 2019
Growing up in Norway, in the only Jewish family in the neighborhood, in a country where only 2,000 Jews live, I was used to looking at things from an external point of view, as an "outsider." Although I felt a deep and full connection to Norway and Norwegian culture, I also experienced a social distance from my Norwegian friends.


The background I come from and the feelings I experienced as a child led me to deal with sociology. Sociology is the study of human social life and the way society affects our way of thinking. For example, we may think that marriage is the result of a personal sense of love. However, factors such as age, sex, religion, and culture are actually what directs us in the choice of spouses. Everyone can learn from the sociological angle. But a sense of alienation makes it possible to discern mor...

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