Cannabis Activism in the 90’s

Cannabis Activism in the 90’s

Cannabis Activism in the 90’s

Cannabis Activism in the 90's | Jan 04, 2019
Cannabis activism in the 90’s, where to begin? It was such a different time and place. Cops arrested people constantly. The Department of Justice targeted people who were in the dispensary industry, and it was a big darn legal mess.
The laws were different though. We were at the height of the War on Drugs. The laws allowed police officers to stop somebody if they looked suspicious. So if you had a Grateful Dead shirt or tie-dye, the police might stop or question you, then likely search and arrest you for marijuana. (Those practices of course continue outside of the above target market.)

A Lack of Information

At this point, people didn’t know about medical cannabis or hemp for medical use. Most people had no idea that marijuana is a fiber, or that you can use the seeds for food, parts of the plant for paper, or that the...

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