Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Basics

Prof. Dedi Meiri, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology | Dec 19, 2018
In my lab, we recognize around 120 cannabinoids. But there are papers that recognize around 140 cannabinoids. That’s not to say that the plant is producing all of them each time. There are many patterns of cannabinoids in any particular plant. What matters in the end, though, is what is binding to your cannabinoid receptors.


Again, in one particular plant you don't have all the cannabinoids; you have a pattern of cannabinoids. I would estimate that there are 30-40 cannabinoids in a given specific plant in a given specific strain. In regards to the 30-40 cannabinoids, it depends how many zeros after the point you are measuring. THC and CBD are basically traces you will find within every plant, but the other cannabinoids are not. We can look up to ten digits after the zero, but I tell my students to look up to five.

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