Day 1’s

Day 1’s

Day 1’s

Day 1's | Jan 07, 2019
I'm a pretty type A person, raised in an Asian household getting straight A’s and staying in line. Cannabis and anything illegal was not in my repertoire when I was younger. So my first experience with cannabis was out of my arena, but it’s where this all started. One day in high school, one of my closest friends had some ‘schwag’ in a bowl. I didn’t even know what it was, and remember asking “What’s a bowl?” He just handed it over and said he would light it for me; All I had to do was breathe in. I gave it a shot. I did it. And I just remember this overwhelming sense of joy and elation. This experience that I was able to share with one of my best friends opened my world. I experienced a shift in consciousness and perspective that I didn't get with anything else. That day we just hung out and listened to Santana’s “Abraxas” album, on vinyl. I remember hearing every single guitar note. I wanted it to play again and again. We just kept smoking and listening to all his records. It was quite magical. Read the full Article:

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