Defining Start-up Culture

Defining Start-up Culture

Defining Start-up Culture

Defining Start-up Culture | Dec 20, 2018
Culture is an interesting word in the context of startups. I think it is ultimately what defines an organization or business in the long term. You certainly have your vision, but the culture is really how you make sure that everybody works together to realize that vision. It's how you make sure people really believe in what they're doing and are happy with it. When you compare how much more you can accomplish in a startup with such small teams and fewer resources than a mature company, you realize it comes down to passion and people really believing in it. You shouldn’t overlook the importance of bringing in very, very passionate people who are excited about what they're building. People who respect each other, and all check their ego at the door in order align in what they're doing. If you come from a massive company, everybody has a defined role and responsibility with rungs of the ladder under them where someone else is producing work and pushing it up. But in a startup, you just need to get everything done, first and foremost...

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