Europe, view from a helicopter…

Europe, view from a helicopter…

Europe, view from a helicopter…

Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan | Feb 03, 2019
It was difficult to summarize the developing situation in the UK, which means that it will be even harder to do so for all of Europe. Let’s focus on the more general aspects of cannabis regulations in the EU.

The European Approach

Medicinal cannabis in Europe is regulated as a true pharmaceutical product, however not as a true (registered) medicine. The latter requires a full clinical research pathway - such as with Sativex and Epidiolex (UK based GW Pharmaceuticals.) The European countries that allow patients to attain herbal cannabis (dried flower or extracts dissolved in food grade oil) use a unique capacity called ‘compounding pharmacy’. This allows pharmacists to compound specific medicines from ‘Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients’ (API’s). All based upon a real prescription of a medical doctor or specialist. Read the full Article:

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