How Easy It Is To Make Money In Cannabis

How Easy It Is To Make Money In Cannabis

How Easy It Is To Make Money In Cannabis

The Paxhia, Managing Partners, Poseidon Asset Management | Feb 08, 2019
Time is a very funny thing in the cannabis industry. We’re navigating the tides, and boy do they ever change, and change fast. It seems like it is so much more distorted recently, which we didn't think was possible. There is investment from Altria, reinvestment from Constellation, and Bazooka with Jewel immediately following, originating under Pax Technology prodigies. Additionally, we have seen Tilray with Novartis and AB InBev in the same day. It's pretty amazing. We can't believe that was all in a six month period– it's been like 30 years in half a year.  One might think that it's just so eas...

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