How Retail Informs The Industry

How Retail Informs The Industry

How Retail Informs The Industry

Adam Bierman, CEO, MedMen | Feb 13, 2019
Looking at how retail can inform the industry, I see two things:
  1. Retail is the chokepoint for the industry in the West of the U.S.
  2. Retail is the touchpoint for the industry in the U.S. and globally.
Touchpoint and chokepoint; they sound like they might be very different. One's very aggressive. One's very soft. But they're both relevant to what retail means for the space. As far as the chokepoint goes, there is a limited license nature or 'privilege license' nature of this industry. Limited retail licenses are the one thing that remains across the board if you remove Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. And those limited licenses are even more scarce based on the extreme nature of the zoning requirements around cannabis retail. Read the full Article:

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