Company vision = Industry mission

Company vision = Industry mission

Company vision = Industry mission

David Hua, CEO, Meadow | Apr 24, 2019
I am auditing the quarter and looking at the things that I wanted to do. Things I set out to do. Some things I may have not planned for, but did anyway. So that's just kind of where I'm at as I re-look at Q1 and make time to plan out for what we want to do for Q2 and Q3. By knowing this industry, it's kind of like you can plan out the next three to six months, you're already ahead. I think you want to leave at least 20 percent of the time to be able to accommodate all the crazy things that are unexpected in your business. Fifty percent is for the team and the people that you're working with. Twenty percent is for partners and constituents that you're serving and working with. That last 10 percent is probably like things that you need to do. This is...

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