Jaco | Jan 24, 2019
In this first edition of the Audio Files, Don & Seth discuss Jaco Pastorius, who some claim is the greatest bassist of all time. Don points out that one of those who claimed that that fact was Jaco himself. Don explains, “being a successfully creative person can actually take the ego and artificially bolster it while tearing it down at the same time.” Don & Seth take you through Jaco’s time in Weather Report to the point where he leaves the group and puts out his first studio album which is met with critical and fan acclaim. Seth checks with Don that this was the apex and Don replies that there’s an arc of addiction. “You reach the pinnacle with the drugs and alcohol, and then the curve starts to go down, and it goes down and down and down and down.” Listen to The Audio Files Edition I Interview: [playlist ids="9421...

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