Legalizing Liberty

Legalizing Liberty

Legalizing Liberty

Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Network | Jan 08, 2019
A couple of years ago, I gave a talk on drug prohibition and our American liberties. I argued that ending both drug prohibition and the war on drugs is essential in securing our liberty. I also mentioned another problem that people sometimes overlook. That is, the fallacy of trying to solve a particular public health problem with a criminal justice approach.

Leading with Cops and Courtrooms

For years, people have treated drug addiction as a crime rather than as a health concern. We at the Law Enforcement Action Partnership believe that addiction is a public health issue above all else. We should treat it as such. Consider other addictions like alcoholism or gambling. Police do not pursue these addicted people and ruthlessly throw them in jail. Rather, they are often given the help they need through their healthcare providers, rehabilitation facilities, and other psychological services. Additionally, these people are given the dignity of being perceived as temporarily diseased rather than morally bankrupt. Read the full Article:

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