Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Jeannette Horton, Executive Director, NuLeaf | Jan 25, 2019
The growing cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity. While there are lots of open doors to make big money in both retail and agriculture, unfortunately it is not an equal playing field. We're seeing the same stacking of the deck with the already connected, monied, and powerful (often white and male, too.) That is, the people who are benefiting in the cannabis industry are those who have always benefitted.  Indeed, the rich get richer – not just a turn of phrase, but a statistical fact.

An Opportunity for Justice

This offers the cannabis community a grand opportunity: to ensure that the industry is socially responsible and just. We have the advantage of working within a new, relatively unwritten industry. This means that we have arrived early enough to write some of the rules. With the right legislation, investments, and collabor...

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