Perception Is Reality: Backstory

Perception Is Reality: Backstory

Perception Is Reality: Backstory

Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis | Feb 01, 2019
How and why has the public's perception of cannabis changed?

Cannabis as Medicine

Initially, we spoke to patients who felt positively about using medical cannabis. They gave us information similar to what you see in the media coverage. We heard lots of testimonials about how amazing it was compared to other treatments and the difficulties of getting licenses. The patients still are very positive, as cannabis is this miracle drug which really improves their health, wellness, and quality of life. We also went to Tikun Olam and spoke to the stakeholders, growers, operators, distributors, and people in the high tech. They were talking about how cannabis helped the patients and about how they were doing research. They're doing a lot of research in-house, although we haven’t seen much of it get published in foundation literature. They felt...

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