Rick Trojan, Vote Hemp & The Hemp Road Trip | Apr 13, 2019

Hemp as energy offers a lot of opportunities

Hemp as a provider of energy has a lot of fantastic opportunities. We can start with the hemp seed oil. You take the seed, which you would use for food, and you press that for the oil, which you could also use for food. That oil then can be used for paints and all that sort of stuff, even to run your car. Ralph Diesel in the late 1800's created the diesel engine and it ran off of vegetable oil because they didn't really have access to enough petroleum at that time, so it ran on vegetable oil. There's a farmer in Virginia called the Fuel Farmer, his name is Glenn Rodes and he's fantastic. He was running his whole farm off of pressed hemp seed oil. It is great for agriculture. Hemp he grew. All of his machinery, everything ran off hemp. I called him one day, I was thinking about somethi...

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