Rick Trojan, Vote Hemp & The Hemp Road Trip | Mar 24, 2019
Hemp, from a health standpoint is a superfood for animals and people. Essentially, the plant adapted as humans went around the world cultivating and populating. This plant came with them– adapted to their region– and provided them essentially with food, fiber, and all the good stuff they needed. There's also planet health and soil health. All that is an additional benefit of the plant. Health from a human standpoint includes hemp food, hemp seeds, hemp protein, even juiced flower and sprout material– all have a fantastic nutritional profile. It is great for your wellness. Hemp provides you with your omegas– three, six, and nines– in the correct ratio. Hemp also has the highest protein you can get– it has higher protein than salmon, beef, or chicken. Essentially, it's the most digestible protein. It has all of the essential amino acids. What our body doesn’t make, can be Read the full Article:

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