The 2000’s in Cannabis Activism

The 2000’s in Cannabis Activism

The 2000’s in Cannabis Activism

Debby Goldsberry, Executive Director, Magnolia Oakland | Apr 06, 2019

Cannabis activism in the 2000s, you know, from 2000 to 2010.

It was a very long time ago. My goodness. Now I'm trying to remember what happened. Alright. The early 2000s were really the glory days of the cannabis industry, depending on where you were. If you were in California, the police were finally starting to lay off. They got crazy after we passed the proposition in 1996. They just could not believe that they had to stop arresting people for cannabis. We really had to go after them with lawsuits. We won lawsuit after lawsuit. The police finally realized they had to follow the actual law, even though they couldn't believe it. There was a little bit of glory days for the cannabis industry. Suddenly the police were laying off a bit, not ...

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