The 90’s

The 90’s

The 90’s

Ethan Nadelmann | Mar 06, 2019
In the summer of '92, I received a phone call inviting me to lunch with George Soros. This was a pivotal thing that happened to me in drug policy reform. We spent a couple hours over lunch talking about his interest in policy reform. We argued and agreed on most things, based on my educating him about a lot of the issues. At the end of that lunch George said, "Well look, I see we basically agree on the key issues. We'll have our differences but I'd like to move forward. I'm a very busy man." He said, "I have substantial resources, so let's assume I'd like to empower you to accomplish our common objectives."


I kind of laughed, went back home. I was teaching at Princeton in those days and I drew up a proposal for hemp. The proposal focused on setting up an activist think tank that would fund a g...

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