The Present

The Present

The Present

Betty Aldworth, Executive Director, SSDP | Mar 15, 2019

The Original Leaders in Cannabis

2019 is proving to be a big year for cannabis. If you look at the history of the industry, essentially all of the early actors and adopters came from advocacy. That might mean the folks in California who provided brownies to people living with HIV/AIDS. As well, those involved in the opening of early dispensaries and Measure Z Clubs. They were all acts of civil disobedience. Our predecessors were people who came from that advocacy background. The Steve DeAngelo's, and the Richard Lee's, and the Wanda James's among us who paved the way.  Which led to the SSDPers who were able to bridge that gap between industry and advocacy in some interesting ways. What we've seen since that time is that many of those people became leaders in this emergent industry. The Kris Krane's, Troy Dayton's, and Ama...

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