Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren

Don Fertman | Mar 31, 2019
Whereas addiction played a role in the lives of our previous Audio Files subjects– it plays a role only in the career of Todd Rundgren. He was never an addict, Don and Seth discuss the fact that he exhibited addict traits in his solo career. For Don, Todd's music was also a solution and a place he found solace during his road to recovery. So we begin to talk about Don's personal addiction story through the lens of Todd Rundgren's addict-like career. The concept of 'missing the big meeting' due to addiction comes up. Todd Rundgren had a string of well performing albums at that start of his solo career with massive popular songs. But rather than 'grab that brass ring,' he followed up his commercially popular work with experimental efforts. Don explains that career behavior is reminiscent of his own personal behavior back in is radio days. [audio mp3="https://www.canneconomy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Todd.mp3"][/audio]   Don:                         Sennheiser Mics Seth:        ...

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