What Got You Here Will Not Get You There

What Got You Here Will Not Get You There

What Got You Here Will Not Get You There

Ben Larson, CEO, Nanogen | Dec 21, 2018

My phone rings. It's 11 PM at night.

“Ben, I need your help.” I hear on the other end of the line after sneaking into the study to begrudgingly answer the phone. It would be the third time this year that I’d received such a call. A business founder at wit’s end. A team in disarray. Executives fighting. Investors becoming nervous. A promising company with great potential plummeting toward a certain death. It seems inevitable for startups to experience catastrophic growing pains when they finally achieve that coveted product-market fit.  Teams are growing rapidly from 10 to 20 employees and beyond, there’s usually a Series A fundraise effort underway, and early investors are beginning to dream of that exponential growth that was promised to them. And it’s all precariously close to evaporating before everyone’s eyes. So, I spring into action and start diving deep. I ask questions, I listen, and get an understanding of what is happening from the many perspectives on the inside. The founders take a step back. ...

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