What We Should Fix In 2019

What We Should Fix In 2019

What We Should Fix In 2019

Debby Goldsberry, Executive Director, Magnolia Oakland | Feb 13, 2019
What should we fix in 2019? We really have our work cut out for us in terms of cannabis policy and business, make no mistake about it.  A lot of us advocates that got started way back in the day in the '80s or before– the '60s or '70s– we were really involved in the social movement. We were focused on things like making a more livable, sustainable planet, getting people out of prison,  spreading the word about medical marijuana. And utilizing hemp as an alternative to less sustainable manufacturing materials.


But now we’re post legalization. Cannabis is going corporate, something we never saw coming way back when. What does that mean for us in 2019? Well, it means that all of a sudden large corporations are trying to stake a flag in the cannabis industry since. Read the full Article:

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