What’s Next

What’s Next

What’s Next

Steve Hawkins, Executive Director, MPP | Jan 18, 2019
We cannabis activists sure do attend a lot of trade and industry shows. It is, after all, so important to share our work with the community and to find inspiration from others. While it's great to connect with likeminded folks, I wonder if it's the best way to serve the cause.

Going Beyond the Echo Chamber

Those in our field support and work hard for legalization and regulation. How big of an impact can we really make, though, if the message is trapped inside an echo chamber? I propose that, right now, we must focus on building a more varied base of supporters and advocates. We must connect with groups and organizations who will support the cause. Additionally, we need those who will be active in front of their town councils and with their state representatives. We need to connect with those who will not be afraid to make demands from...

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