Ben Larson, CEO, Nanogen

A Cal Poly Alumn, Ben Larson left the school of engineering to engage in transportation consulting before getting sucked into start-up land. He struggled through a couple of his own startups (and others) finding my passion for creating. helped grow a global startup community with the Founder Institute. Looking for a new challenge he dove into the cannabis industry with the Gateway incubator. He continues to coach and invest in startups inside and outside the cannabis industry. Always looking for a challenge, he’s now taking an additional seat as CEO on the other side of the table for a start-up in the space. He shares insights from each perspective in his monthly column, Startupland.


Ben Larson, CEO, Nanogen | Mar 17, 2019

The Necessity of Both Vision and Pragmatism

The world is expected of a business founder. There is a dichotomy ... Read More

What Got You Here Will Not Get You There

Ben Larson, CEO, Nanogen | Dec 21, 2018

My phone rings. It's 11 PM at night.

“Ben, I need your help.” I hear on the other end of the line after sneaking into the study to begrudgingly answer the phone. It would be the third time this y... Read More

Ben Larson, CEO, Nanogen

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