The Re-connect

David Hua, CEO, Meadow

Country-by-country, state-by-state, each cannabis economy is becoming connected. And once upon a time, each cannabis cultural community had unity. Considering the explosive growth of the industry, David Hua rediscovers what is special about the cannabis industry in his monthly column, The Re-connect.

Company vision = Industry mission

David Hua, CEO, Meadow | Apr 24, 2019 I am auditing the quarter and looking at the things that I wanted to do. Things I set out to do. Some things I may have not planned for, but did anyway. So that's just kind of wh... Read More


David Hua, CEO, Meadow | Mar 29, 2019 We were the first cannabis company to go through YC. They’re now bringing on more cannabis companies within basically every cohort. Just to give a little background, Read More


David Hua, CEO, Meadow | Feb 24, 2019 When I first got into the cannabis movement, that was back in 2014, we were operating under prop 215. That piece of legislation is what we operated on until 2018. So between 2014... Read More

David Hua, CEO, Meadow

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