Industry United

Adam Bierman, CEO, MedMen

Veterans of the cannabis economy are aware that there’s always been healthy competition among the best and brightest in the industry. As we move into this next phase of growth, it’s more important than ever to collaborate to ensure we achieve our common goal of global legalization. Adam Bierman shares his thoughts on how to make this goal a reality in his monthly column Industry United.

How Retail Informs The Industry

Adam Bierman, CEO, MedMen | Feb 13, 2019 Looking at how retail can inform the industry, I see two things:
  1. Retail is the chokepoint for the industry in the West of the... Read More

It’s Time To Turn Vision Into Reality

Adam Bierman, CEO, MedMen | Dec 03, 2018 It’s time. After decades of hard-fought activism to d... Read More

Adam Bierman, CEO, MedMen

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