Perception Is Reality

Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis

Dr. Sznitman & Dr. Lewis look at how the public and media perceives cannabis. They discuss Examining The Current Reality Of Cannabis; The Meaning of Medical vs. Adult Use; An Overview Of Cannabis On Social Media; An Overview Of Cannabis In Traditional Media; The Spectrum Of Commercialization & Realizing Why Everyone Has A Strong Opinion On Cannabis.


Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis | Mar 10, 2019 Growing up in Norway, in the only Jewish family in the neighborhood, in a country where only 2,000 Jews live, I was used to looking at things from an external point of view, as an "outsider." Although I felt a ... Read More

Perception Is Reality: Backstory

Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis | Feb 01, 2019 How and why has the public's perception of cannabis changed?

Cannabis as Medicine

Initially, we spoke to patients who felt positively about using medical cannabis. The... Read More

Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis

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