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Tim Cullen, CEO, Colorado Harvest Co.

Tim Cullen is teacher and scientist by trade. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Colorado State University, earned his teaching license from Fort Lewis College, and received a master’s degree in sports and exercise physiology from the University of Northern Colorado.

In 2010, he officially opened his medical marijuana dispensary, Colorado Harvest Company, a facility that he designed and constructed himself. When it became required in 2011 for every dispensary to grow at least 70% of the product they sell, Tim joined forces with Ralph Morgan and his Organa Labs brand to meet the need for expanded facilities.

Over years of cultivating cannabis, Tim has become an expert in plant botany, production, fertilizers, additives, and cultivation techniques. He knows how to produce high-quality cannabis products within the budget, timeframe, and labor management constraints that any business contends with. Thanks to the success of his products, Tim was able to launch vaporizer pens and dozens of strain-specific cartridges to the market.

Ralph and Tim currently co-own Colorado Harvest Company, Evergreen Apothecary and Organa Labs, as well as each shares in Bakked and O.PenVAPE.

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Tim Cullen, CEO, Colorado Harvest Co.

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