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Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan

The cannabis industry is undoubtedly global. Discovering what’s happening in North America is an easier mission that uncovering what’s truly going on in Europe and Asia. Understanding that, Tjalling Erkelens updates us monthly with Global Thoughts.


Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan | Mar 08, 2019

APAC Developments

Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines. True examples of countries in the Asia-Pacific region that still carry severe punishments on trade and possession of small amounts of... Read More

Europe, view from a helicopter…

Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan | Feb 03, 2019 It was difficult to summarize the developing legal situation in the UK, which means that it will be even harder to do so for all of Europe. Let's focus on the more general aspects of cannabis regulations in the... Read More

Good Old England

Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan | Dec 03, 2018 Cannabis for medical use became legal in the U.K. as of the 1st of November 2018. This has been somewhat overshadowed by the Canadian government's full legalization of cannabis on October 17. Conserv... Read More

Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan

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