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US Congressman Ro Khanna

Although US Congressman Ro Khanna is based on the two coasts- representing Silicon Valley and serving in Washington DC- he sees his work on either side of the nation to provide solutions for the rest of the country. He’ll highlight what’s happening at home as well as what’s happening in the capitol. And he’ll showcase how that work affects other parts of the republic n his quarterly column Hill & Valley.

Jefferson, IA

US Congressman Ro Khanna | May 21, 2019 There's an urban-rural divide in this country. When I was in rural Iowa, one woman stood up and said, "When my kids turn 18, I buy them a one-way ticket out." It made my heart break. One solution is to create n... Read More

The Farm Bill

US Congressman Ro Khanna | Jan 24, 2019 The farm bill at least includes the legalization of industrial hemp. This legislation is a step in the right directio... Read More

US Congressman Ro Khanna

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