Community Columns – Cannabis Economy

Community Columns – Cannabis Economy

A Non-Medical Life

Paige Figi, Mother of Charlotte, Patient Advocate

You may have seen Paige Figi on CNN years ago when she educated a nation and the world on what CBD medicine was doing for her...

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Baseline For Change

Debby Goldsberry, Executive Director, Magnolia Oakland

If it were not for Debby Goldsberry's efforts at least in part- it's possible that there would be no cannabis industry. There...

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Corporate Culture

Mike Gorenstein, CEO, The Cronos Group

Now fully legal in the G7 nation of Canada, cannabis is solidly in transformation mode to a traditional industry. Organizatio...

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Enforcing The Peace

Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Network

A former foot soldier in the War on Drugs, Major Neill Franklin (Ret.) is a 34-year law enforcement veteran of the Maryland S...

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Future Tense

Jeannette Horton, Executive Director, NuLeaf

Jeannette Horton came of age marketing Fortune 500 brands in Atlanta. She's now in Portland where she markets cannabis techno...

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Global Thoughts

Tjalling Erkelens, CEO, Bedrocan

The cannabis industry is undoubtedly global. Discovering what's happening in North America is an easier mission that uncoveri...

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Hemp Action

Rick Trojan, Vote Hemp & The Hemp Road Trip

Rick Trojan is the Director of the Hemp Farming Advocacy Organization, Vote Hemp and the Founder of the Hemp Road Trip.

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Hill & Valley

US Congressman Ro Khanna

Although US Congressman Ro Khanna is based on the two coasts- representing Silicon Valley and serving in Washington DC- he se...

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In The Lab

Prof. Dedi Meiri, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

So much research still needs to be done on the cannabis plant and it's affect on the human body through the endocannabinoid s...

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Industry United

Adam Bierman, CEO, MedMen

Veterans of the cannabis economy are aware that there's always been healthy competition among the best and brightest in the i...

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It’s Just A Foot

Charles Rutherford

Based on 8 years of cannabis industry experience , Charlie Rutherford helped pass the first cannabis-related standards within...

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Navigating The Tides

The Paxhia, Managing Partners, Poseidon Asset Management

Having grown up on a sailboat Emily & Morgan Paxhia are instinctually aware of how to ride the wind of a given expanse. T...

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Perception Is Reality

Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Nehama Lewis

Dr. Sznitman & Dr. Lewis look at how the public and media perceives cannabis. They discuss Examining The Current Reality ...

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Betty Aldworth, Executive Director, SSDP

No matter where you are on the spectrum of change, work still needs to be done. Spending a lifetime in advocacy, Betty Aldwor...

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Small Steps, Giant Leaps

Steve Hawkins, Executive Director, MPP

Iterative change and mass movement must happen for the true potential of cannabis to be reached. Steve Hawkins monthly column...

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Ben Larson, CEO, Nanogen

A Cal Poly Alumn, Ben Larson left the school of engineering to engage in transportation consulting before getting sucked into...

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The Audio Files

Don Fertman

The bassist in a band called The Crayons- by happenstance- Don Fertman took the lead as the Orange (wait for it) crayon. He i...

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The Movement

Julianna Carella, CEO, Treatibles

Entrepreneur. Innovator. Visionary. Expert. Meet Julianna Carella, CEO and Founder of Treatibles, a hemp wellness nutraceutic...

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The Re-connect

David Hua, CEO, Meadow

Country-by-country, state-by-state, each cannabis economy is becoming connected. And once upon a time, each cannabis cultural...

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What Works

Ethan Nadelmann

Described by Rolling Stone as "the point man" for drug policy reform efforts and “the real drug czar,” Ethan N...

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