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Ep. 434: Tahira Rehmatullah, Hypur Ventures

Tahira Rehmatullah is in impressive leadership positions at not one, not two, but three major cannabis companies – it is no surprise that she has pl...

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Ep. 433: Mickey Dor, Israel Ministry of Health

Mickey Dor, Senior Medical Advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit for the Israel Ministry of Health, tells the story of regulated cannabis in Israel ...

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Ep. 432: Dr. Michael Segal, Shaar Menashe Hospital

For eleven years, Dr. Michael Segal has been treating PTSD patients – mainly IDF veterans – with medical cannabis. Segal describes the incredib...

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EP. 431: Dr. Silviu Brill, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Dr. Silviu Brill, of the Pain Institute of Tel Aviv Medical Center, is passionate about the need for personalized medicine in Israel and around the...

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EP. 430: Boris Blatnik, KannaSwiss

Boris Blatnik joins us and shares just how a participants must be in the Cannabis industry: "With business in general, you have be adaptive, but in...

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Ep. 429: Professor Gil Bar Sela, Rambam Academic Hospital

Professor Gil Bar-Sela joins us and explains how cannabis is used to treat different illnesses and conditions: “For example, if we want to bring ...

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Ep. 428: Haleli Sharir, Cannabis Pharmeceuticals

Most of us know that cannabis can be used for things like pain relief, but what most of us certainly don’t know is that it can also be used to ki...

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Ep. 427: Lilach Power, Giving Tree Dispensary

As an Israeli living in the United States, Lilach Power, founder of Giving Tree Dispensary, has a unique perspective on the way regulations work in...

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Ep. 426: Peter Miller, Slang

Peter Miller joins us and shares his perspective on the transformation of the Cannabis industry: "I watched the dispensary experience go from a mason ...

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Ep. 425: Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak joins us and shares his excitement for the forward momentum of Cannabis research: "It's a huge world of sc...

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