Episode #68 – Pete Williams, Medicine Man

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Episode #68 - Pete Williams, Medicine Man

Episode #68 – Pete Williams, Medicine Man

Pete Williams, who rounds out the family trio behind Medicine Man Dispensary in Colorado (with his brother Andy Williams and his sister Sally Vander Veer) is the kind of person who makes friends easily. It may be because, as he says, he grows some of the finest, most effective cannabis in the market, but he is also an extremely warm, dynamic and engaging personality. All of those traits are on display in this interview, in which he takes us through the twists and turns of his life that brought him to becoming COO of Medicine Man Denver, one of the largest and best known cultivation facilities and dispensaries in Colorado. Though he describes himself as a lucky guy, we tend to think it’s his knack for problem solving, passion for the plant, and positive attitude that have brought him and Medicine Man this far. Enjoy!

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